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You can use this Web application to view and maintain the details of a team. You navigate to this iView, by choosing Portfolio Management Administration. In the navigation panel, choose Teams. In the Teams table, select a team.


You can perform the following actions:

        Specify the details of a new team

        View and modify details of an existing team

        Add members to a team

You can add new members to a team in one of the following ways:

       Directly finding and adding a member

       Adding an organization unit, so that all the members of the organization unit become members of the team

You can also specify one more members as the lead, by setting the relevant indicator.

      Remove members from a team

      Specify one or more members of the team as lead

      Set the status of a team to active or inactive


If you have called this screen to modify the details of a team, you lock that team until you leave the screen. During this time, other users or sessions can view the details of that team in display mode only.


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