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Function documentation Create New Review (Multiple)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


In this view you can several new review objects at once with limited information.

You navigate to this view, by choosing Portfolio Management or Item Management. Then choose Create New Review action link. Select a bucket. Select Multiple Reviews.

When you create multiple reviews, the reviews are created for a bucket and are applicable to selected items within the bucket. Later, you can access the reviews, by choosing Portfolio Management. Then choose Reviews and select the review. You can add more information in the Review Overview view


Here you can provide the general information for the reviews:




Add More Rows

As necessary

The table displays 10 rows for entering the reviews. If additional reviews need to be added, specify the number and click OK.

Review Name


This is an alphanumeric field.

Date of Review


Enter date manually or select using the date picker.



Select the status of review from the drop down list.

Number of Items

Generated by system

Displays the number of items already associated with the current review.

Initiated by

System Generated

Displays the user creating the reviews.

Bucket Name

System Generated

Displays the bucket name selected in the previous screen.

External ID


Unique identifier



The triangles at the bottom of the list facilitate scrolling. The three triangles pointing down help scroll down one row at a time, one page at a time and to the last page, respectively. The three triangles pointing up perform the same function for scrolling upwards. These triangles are inactive if all reviews fit within a page.

Export to Microsoft Excel

Export to Microsoft Excel (right top corner above the list)

Here you can export list of select collections to Microsoft Excel.


       1.      Select the items from the list

       2.      Click Export to Microsoft Excel to access the Export view.

       3.      Click TableData.xls.

Date Picker

You can invoke the date picker by clicking on the calendar icon next to a date field or by pressing the F4 function key while the cursor is in the date field. The date picker displays the monthly calendar.

        To scroll forward or backwards one month at a time, click the right or left triangle at the top.

        Double click a date to select it.

        Click anywhere else on the screen to exit the date picker without making any selection.

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