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This Web template-based iView enables you to display the budget data of portfolio items in chart and tabular formats.


The following functions are available:



Show/Hide Filter

The filter values are not displayed as a default. Click Show Filter to view and select combination of filter values for influencing the spending levels chart.

Click Hide Filter to hide the filter values.


By clicking this link, you can view the documentation as well as technical information for this report.

Advanced Analysis

This provides the following options for further analysis and collaboration.

        Data Analysis

Comprehensive information such as the expected commercial value (ECV), the net present value (NPV), the summary of the planned cost, the summary of the actual cost, the headcount (actual), and the derived risk is displayed in tabular format. The box on the left enables selection of free characteristics and those for the rows and columns of the table. Drill down into each characteristic provides granular information in the table. Moving the mouse over the icons provides respective explanation.

      Graphical display

This presents planned and actual costs graphically. Choose the type of charts or Swap Axes to view data as desired. Choose Export to Excel to view and analyze detailed data in a spreadsheet. Choose Save View to save a file for later reference.


Displays general information on this report including variable values, and filter values.

      Information Broadcasting

Use Create New Setting to distribute Web templates, queries and workbooks in either pre-calculated form or as an online link. You may distribute by sending e-mail or exporting into the Enterprise Portal. Documentation provides additional information.

Save as Start View

By clicking this link, you can save the current view as a default setting.


      By clicking this link, you can switch between the table and chart views.

      Use Send button to forward current information to e-mail recipients.

      Use Excel Download to send and analyze current data in and Excel Sheet.


By choosing this button, you can open a new message in Microsoft Outlook and send the URL of the current view.

Excel Download

By choosing this button, you can open a new window and display the current table view as an Excel sheet and save it as an .xls file.


Since data for SAP NetWeaver BI is not updated in real-time, any changes you make to the details of a project are not immediately visible here. The time of the last data upload to SAP NetWeaver BI is displayed in the upper right corner of each SAP NetWeaver BI report.

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