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Here, the resource manager can have a fast overview and an entry screen for resource availability across multiple projects and roles.

        By clicking on the resource, the Business Partner Details in SAP xRPM opens.

        By clicking on the arrow next to the resource, you can drill down to view details such as net availability, total availability and total allocation per assigned resource. Additionally, you can see, to which project and role this resource has been assigned. By clicking on the project or role, you navigate to the integrated view of SAP cProjects.

You find this screen by choosing Portfolio Management Resource Management Resources.

You can either maintain availability per resource in the individual periods, or maintain this data across a certain data range using the Advanced Distribution for Resource Management functionality.


Specify the parameters for the display of availability and allocation by project and resource as follows:



Start Date

Specify the date from which the resource/demand allocation should be displayed.

End Date

Specify the date up to which the resource/demand allocation should be displayed.

Allocation Unit

Select the time unit in which the allocation for each resource shall be made.

Period Breakdown

Select the period from the drop down list, in which to display the allocation units in the table below.

Click Apply to display resources segregated as per the above parameters.

The table displays the following:



Availability / Allocation by Resource

Lists the resource. You may click the name to link to the resource in cProjects. Click the triangle to expand the resource/availability to provide further drilldown on


       1.      Total Availability,

       2.      Net Availability

       3.      Total Allocation

       4.      Projects

For every project listed for a resource, there is a popup icon beside it. If you click the icon the popup will be displayed. The popup gives allocation and breakdown units for which the role allocation periods under the project will have editable fields.

Click the triangle before the project name to expand it. This will list available roles for that project.

Every role has a popup icon beside its name. Click the icon, to display a popup with the information whether this role is distributed or not.


Displays the periods for which the allocation can be made. The duration of the periods is as per the period breakdown specified above, that is month and week. A maximum of 8 periods is shown as default. Click Show Periods to display all periods.

Total for timeline

Displays the total of the allocation made for the resource.

Filter Resources

Here you can filter resources (see instructions below)and filter the list accordingly.

Undo Filter

Here you can display all resources.

Show Periods

Click this to see all periods for the duration specified. Click again to toggle back to a maximum of 8 periods.

Advanced Distribution for Selected Role(s)

Firstly, you have to expand the project name to list available roles. Select the role and then click Advanced Distribution for Selected Role(s). Here you can specify and distribute the work effort over specified periods.


       1.      First specify the Start Date and End Date over which the work effort is to be distributed. Next specify the Work Effort amount followed by the Work Unit in which it is specified.

       2.      Specify how the above work effort should be distributed by selecting the Distribution Method from the drop down list and the Period Breakdown.

Click Apply to effect the distribution. Click Cancel to get back to the resource availability/allocation table.


The three triangles facing right, at the bottom of the table, facilitate panning right one column at a time, 6 columns at a time, and to the last column respectively. The triangles facing left, similarly, pan towards the left.

Click Save.


Filter Resources

The search and selection of the appropriate resource(s) is done in two stages:


       1.      Identify the resource.

       2.      Add the Resource to the list of Selected Resources.

Identify the Resource

Use any combination of fields below to narrow the search for the resource.



First Name

Specify the first name of the resource you wish to select.

Last Name

Specify the last name of the resource you wish to select.

Click Search to display the list of resources matching the specified criteria. Specifying “*” in any one field, with all other fields blank displays a complete list of resources. It is not permitted to leave all fields blank. To start another search, either overwrite the above entries and click Search, or click Reset and enter your new search terms.

The triangles at the bottom of the displayed list facilitate scrolling. The three triangles pointing down permit scrolling down one line at a time, one page at a time and to the last page, respectively.  The three triangles pointing up perform the same functions for scrolling upwards.

Add the Resource to the List of Selected Resources

         Add to list

From the list of displayed resources select the desired resource. Click Add to transfer to the list of selected resource.

For multiple selections in random order, hold down the CTRL key before making the additional selections. To select a block of resources, hold down the SHIFT key and click the first and last entry of the desired block.

         Remove from list

To remove the resource from the list of Selected Resource, select the entry by clicking on the name or on the box to its left. Click Remove.

After the select resource list is populated with the correct resources, click Done on the top left to complete the activity.

You may click Cancel anytime to leave this activity and return to the previous screen.

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