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You use this Web application as an overview and entry screen for project and role staffing and resource allocation across multiple roles, projects, and resources. All project and roles that have resources of a certain resource pool assigned are displayed. On expanding a project, the roles listed for the project are displayed.

The resource or staffing manager has the option to either maintain allocation per resource in the individual periods of the fast entry dashboard or to maintain this data across a certain data range using the Advanced Distribution functionality.

You navigate to this view, by choosing Resource Management. Then click Staffing in the navigation panel.



       1.      You must specify the parameters for the display of Demand and Allocation by Project and Role as follows:



Start Date

Specify the date from which the role/demand allocation should be displayed.

End Date

Specify the date up to which the role/demand allocation should be displayed.

Allocation Unit

Select the time unit from the drop down list, in which the allocation for each role shall be made.

Period Breakdown

Select the period from the drop down list, in which to display the allocation units in the table below.

       2.      Click Apply to display roles segregated as per the above parameters.

The table displays the following:




Lists the projects for the staffing manager. Click the name to navigate to the project in cProjects.

Every project has a popup icon beside its name. Click the icon to display the popup. The popup gives the allocation and breakdown units for the project, for which project-role-resource combination will give editable fields.

Click the triangular icon before the project to expand it. This will list the roles for that project.

Every role has a popup icon besides its name. Click the icon to display the popup. This popup gives the information whether the role is distributed or not.

Click the triangular icon before the role to expand it. This will list the following:



      Remaining Demand

      Total Allocation per Assigned Role.



Displays the periods for which the allocation can be made. The duration of the periods is as per the period breakdown specified above. A maximum of 8 periods is shown as default. Use Show Periods to display all periods.

Total for Timeline

Displays the total of the allocation made for the project, role and resource.

Filter Projects

Click Filter Projects and filter the list accordingly.

Undo Filter

Click Undo Filter to display all roles.

Show Periods

Click here to see all periods for the duration specified. Click again to toggle back to a maximum of eight periods.

Advanced Distribution for Selected Resource(s)

Click to edit the resource allocation across multiple periods.


Save your changes.

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