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Here, you can update an existing collection object in the individual trays.

You navigate to this view by choosing Portfolio Management Portfolio Management. Then click Collections. Choose a collection.


        To expand/collapse all trays, click the overlapping triangles icons at the top right. The triangles pointing down expand all trays. The triangles pointing up collapse all trays.

      To expand/collapse individual trays, click the icon at the top right of respective trays

General Information

Enter the general information for identifying the collection.






Alphanumeric field

External ID

Display only

This is a unique identifier for the collection. It cannot be changed.

Bucket Name

System Generated

The name of the bucket selected during creation is displayed by the system. For more information, see Bucket Selection.



Update description detailing the purpose of the collection.

Items in Collection

Here you add, remove or view the items that form a part of the collection.


Here, you can add or remove users and change their authorizations to access the collection. The user creating the collection is automatically added with administration rights. At least one user with administration rights should be present at all times.

To change the user authorization, check the appropriate boxes under Admin, Owner, Read or Write. Click the icon to at the top right corner of the tray to display the description of each authorization.


This is an optional field. You may add comments relevant to the collection. The Comments Log is updated upon Save.


Here you can view/update additional fields if they have been created by the administrator. This is optional.


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