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Here, you can create a new collection object. A collection can span multiple buckets. There will always be one sponsoring bucket associated with the collection. A collection has a definite lifespan tied directly to the projects or portfolio items contained within it. Items can only belong to one collection at a time.

You navigate to this view, by choosing Portfolio Management Collections. In the Create New Collection screen, select the bucket in which the collection should be saved. Then choose Next. The second Create New Collection screen opens.

        To expand/collapse all trays, click the overlapping triangles icon at the top right.

        To expand/collapse individual trays, click icon at the top right of respective tray.


General Information

Here you provide the general information for identifying the collection.






Alphanumeric field

External ID


This is a unique identifier for the collection.

Bucket Name

System Generated

The name of the bucket selected in the previous screen is displayed by the system. If the collection is being created at the portfolio level, this field is blank. For more information, see Bucket Selection.



Provide description detailing the purpose of the collection.

Items in Collection

Here you add and delete the items that form a part of the collection.

Add Item to Collection


       1.      Choose Add.

       2.      Use Search Item (see instructions below) to select the item and add to the list. 

Remove an Item from Collection


       1.      Select the box to the left of the item name. 

       2.      Choose Remove. 


Here, you can add and remove users and change their authorizations to access the collection. The user creating the collection is automatically added with administration rights.

Add a User


       1.      Choose Add user manually.

       2.      Use Search to select the user and add to the list.

Remove a User


       1.      Click the box to the left of the user name.

       2.      Choose Remove.

Change User Authorization


       1.      Check appropriate boxes under Admin, Owner, Read or Write. 

       2.      Click the icon at the top right corner of the tray to display the description of each authorization. 


This is an optional field. You may add comments relevant to the collection. The comments box on the right is updated upon Save.





Capacity Unit


Select the unit of time, used for measuring the resource’s contribution, from the drop down list.



Select the currency from the drop down menu, in case it is different from that defined for the bucket.

Search Item

Here, you can search for items based on specific criteria.

The selection of the appropriate item(s) is done in two stages:


       1.      Identify the Item

For more information see the item search Help.To start another search, either overwrite the above entries and choose Search, or choose Reset and enter new search terms.

       2.      Add the item to the list of selected items

Add to list

                            a.      Select an item (see instructions below) from the list of displayed items.

                            b.      Choose Add to transfer it to the Selected Item list.

Remove from list


                            a.      Select items from the Select Item list.

                            b.      Choose Remove to remove the selected entry from the list.

       3.      After the Select Item list is populated with the correct Items, choose Done on the top left, to add the selected items to the collection list.

You may choose Cancel anytime to leave this activity and return to the previous screen.

Select Items

The first column of each row has a checkbox which is used for selecting the item in that row.

      To select a single item from a list, select the corresponding checkbox.

      To select multiple items, hold down the CTRL key and choose the checkboxes corresponding to the items.

      To select a block of items, hold down the SHIFT key and choose the first and last item of the block.

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