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In this Web application, you can see a quick overview of all existing portfolios and relevant key data. You can search and select the portfolio with which you want to work. You can also create a new portfolio.

You navigate to this iView by choosing Portfolio Management Administration Portfolios.




To create a new portfolio

Click Create New.

To search for a portfolio

Sort and filter the displayed portfolios.


Sort the portfolio list by columns.


The first row in the list is used for filtering the portfolio list.  You may enter a string of characters to filter the portfolios containing the string. You may enter search strings in multiple columns to narrow the search results. Special characters such as “*”, “?” etc. are not permitted.

To work with an existing portfolio

Click the name of the portfolio in the list that is displayed. The name is the link to the portfolio overview.



The triangles at the bottom of the displayed list facilitate scrolling. The three triangles pointing down help scroll down one row at a time, one page at a time and to the last page, respectively. The three triangles pointing up perform the same function for scrolling upwards.

Expand rows (right corner above the list)

Here you can display the complete list of portfolios on a single page.

Clicking the same icon switches to displaying the list of portfolios in multiple pages with 15 rows per page.

Export to Microsoft Excel

Export to Microsoft Excel icon, (right top corner above the list)

Here you can export list of select collections to Microsoft Excel.


       1.      Select the items from the list

       2.      Click Export to Microsoft Excel to access the Export view.

       3.      Click TableData.xls.

Select the portfolios from the list

The first column of each row has a checkbox which is used for selecting the portfolio in that row.

        To select a single portfolio from a list, click on the corresponding checkbox.

        To select multiple portfolios, hold down the CTRL key and click the checkboxes corresponding to the portfolios.

        To select a block of portfolios, hold down the SHIFT key and check the first and last portfolio of the block.

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