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Here, you can upload data from SAP cProjects.

You may choose to upload:

         Only the tasks

         Tasks and roles

         Tasks, roles and resource assignments.

To upload data from SAP cProjects:

  1. Select the Upload from Project radio button.
  2. Select SAP cProjects from the drop down list against the field Application.
  3. Fill in the other fields as follows:




Application System


Select the application system where SAP CProjects files reside.

Project Name


Use binocular icon to Select Project to be uploaded. Use the erase icon to clear field and select new value.

Upload the following


Select the objects to be uploaded by clicking the appropriate checkboxes. If no objects are selected, only the Metadata is uploaded.

Last Update

System Generated

Displays the date on which this data was last updated.  Initially, this is blank.

Updated by

System Generated

Displays the user who updated the data.  Initially this is blank.

  1. Click on the Upload button to start the process. The system uploads the specified file and displays the results.
  2. To make the upload permanent, click the Save Upload button.

History Log

Here a log of uploads and download is maintained. The table displays the log number which is generated by the system and the date of the upload. You may select the log entry and click Delete to remove the log entry. This does not affect that data which has been uploaded.

Uploading can be repeated as desired.

Select Project

The Object Links Search displays the Object type for SAP cProjects.

To search for a project, a full text search is available.

  1. Enter full or part name of the project.
  2. Click the Search button to display the matching projects in the table below.
  3. Click on the box to the left of the project, from the displayed list, to identify the project.
  4. Click the Done button to select the project.


Click RESET to clear the search specifications and start a new search.

Click Cancel to return to the previous screen without selection any project.


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