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Here you can record, monitor and update milestones related to different phases or decision points of the project. This iView displays numerous trays, each tray containing milestones and information on individual phases.


The four decision points are as follows:


       1.      Specification

       2.      Design

       3.      Implementation

       4.      Testing

On this screen, you can do the following:

        To expand/collapse all trays, click the overlapping triangles icon at the top right.

        To expand/collapse individual trays, click icon at the top right of respective tray.

      The Schedule Chart displays the timeline for the complete project. The current decision point is identified indicating the current state of the project.

      The icon before the name of a decision point conveys the status of the decision point when the mouse is moved over it.

Each decision point gathers information as follows:




Decision Point Name


Alphanumeric field.



Indicates the current status of the phase. As the project progresses, you can update this field by selecting appropriate status from the drop down list.

Planned Start


Enter the planned start date of this phase manually, or use the date picker to select the date.

Planned Finish


Enter the planned completion date of this phase manually, or use the date picker to select the date.

Actual Start


Enter the date when this phase actually started, manually, or use the date picker to select the date.

Actual Finish


Enter the date manually, when this phase was actually completed or use the date picker to select the date.

In addition to the above, you can have custom fields defined to record additional information about the phase under Additional Information.

View Schedule Chart

Here you can view the schedule of the different phases and the complete project in a graphical format.


       1.      Click the View Schedule Chart to display the graphical representation.

        The phases are represented on the vertical axis whereas the horizontal axis represents the timeline.

       A legend is provided for the forecasted, planned and actual times.

       The magnifying glass in the top left corner may be used to zoom in and out.

       2.      Click the Back button to return to the previous page.

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