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You can use this Web application to review capacity planning at bucket level when it is accessed in the portfolio management context. You can view resource capacity associated with the current object, grouped into various categories and displayed as a tree, either by capacity categories or capacity views. To enter the capacity value, you must navigate from this view to the Capacity Planning Category Groups view.

You navigate to this view by choosing Portfolio Management Portfolio Management. Choose Portfolio Structure of Buckets. Select a bucket. Choose Capacity Planning.



You have defined the following fields that are initially displayed when you create a bucket. You have defined them in Customizing, by choosing SAP xApp Resource and Portfolio Management (SAP xRPM) Base System Interfaces Capacity Planning Settings Define Capacity Planning Settings.



Current Planning Period

Displays the start and end dates for capacity planning, which you specify when you create a bucket. This influences the first period displayed in the table below. Furthermore, the Total for the Planning Period field uses this period to calculate the totals.

Period Breakdown

Displays the period breakdown that you specify when creating a bucket. This governs the interval between the time periods in the table below.


Displays the time unit in which the capacity of the resources is measured, as specified in the Resource Unit field when you create a bucket.



        Category views are read only (except for any custom fields).

        You can navigate the columns or periods. A capacity category comprises several category groups.

        Click View Chart to see the figures of the capacity categories in a graphical format. You can filter by timeline, capacity categories, and capacity views. To return to the previous page, click Back.

        To expand/collapse all rows, click the overlapping triangles icon at the top right.

        You can display the financial planning as Capacity Categories or as Capacity Views.

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