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You use an external WebDAV-compatible application, for example, a portal drive, to edit the project and collaboration structures.


See Integration with a WebDAV Client and Technical Description and Configuration Information.

Process Flow


       1.      You display the object you want to edit in the external WebDAV application on the user interface of the cProjects or cFolders system. This can be, for example, a project element, a folder, or a document.

       2.      Display the WebDAV URL. You call the WebDAV URL as follows:


Choose WebDAV on the Documents tab page.


Choose Additional Functions and then WebDAV URL in the application toolbar.

The system opens a separate window and displays the path for the WebDAV URL.

       3.      Copy the WebDAV URL to the clipboard.

       4.      Go to the WebDAV application and enter this WebDAV URL in the specified field. If, for example, you set up a new connection between a portal drive and a cFolders folder, you have to enter this path as the server URL.

       5.      Depending on your WebDAV application, enter more data as required and start the connection.

As soon as the external application sends a request to the cProjects or cFolders system, you enter your logon data to identify yourself for the cProjects or cFolders system.

       If you are working in the portal, this is usually done by the portal itself, as you have already authenticated your user here.

       If you are working with a portal drive, you have to authenticate your user when you first connect to it. The portal drive then carries out the authentication for you.

       6.      Edit the cProjects or cFolders objects using the user interface of the external WebDAV application. For example, create a new folder or a new document.

See Editing Functions for Project and Collaboration Structures.

       7.      The data from the external WebDAV application is transferred to the WebDAV application of the cProjects or cFolders system via the WebDAV interface.


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