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Technical Data

Runtime Technology

Remote BI iView

Technical Name

Available for Portal(Release)

SAP NetWeaver 2004s

Data Source

SAP NetWeaver 2004s BI Content Add-On 3:

• DataStore Object: 0RPM_DS06

• Query: 0RPM_DS06_Q0007

• Web Template: 0TPLI_0RPM_DS06_Q0007


Available in the business package languages




This Web template-based iView enables you to display how the launch cost and development cost compare to its probability of success. The following predefined views are available:

         Launch Cost versus Probability of Success (Commercial)

         Development Cost versus Probability of Success (Technical)

In addition, you can filter information by selecting values from the dropdown boxes and selection lists.

There are several additional functions:



Hide/Show Filter

By choosing this button, you can hide or show the filter block.


By clicking this link, you can view the documentation as well as technical information for this report.

Advanced Analysis

By clicking this link, you can analyze the information in more detail using the full set of navigation features provided by SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (SAP NetWeaver BI). You can customize this information as follows:

• Use the navigation block to the left.

• Use the context menu by clicking any object in the table.

Save as Start View

By clicking this link, you can save the current view as a default setting.


By clicking this link, you can switch between the table and chart views.


By choosing this button, you can open a new message in Microsoft Outlook and send the URL to the current view.

Excel Download

By choosing this button, you can open a new window and display the current table view as an Excel sheet and save it as an .xls file.



Since data from SAP NetWeaver BI is not updated in real-time, any changes you make to the details of a project are not immediately visible.

The time of the last data upload to SAP NetWeaver BI is displayed in the upper right corner of each SAP NetWeaver BI report.


This iView displays data from the associated SAP NetWeaver BI system. For information about the SAP NetWeaver BI system, see the Administration page of the portal.


         You must install BI Content.

         If you want to extract data from the SAP xRPM system, you need SAP Web Application Server 7.0 (SP5) with SAP PI_BASIS 2005_1_700 or higher.

         You must activate data sources in your SAP xRPM system and install BI Content in your SAP NetWeaver BI system, by transferring and activating the role SAP_BW_RPM_PORTFOLIO_MANAGER from the standard BI Content.

         You must load the required data into the InfoCube 0RPM_DS06 (Portfolio Item Management).


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