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Procedure documentation Exporting iPPE Objects  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can manage objects from the iPPE product structure in cFolders. The iPPE product structures are transferred.

You cannot create new iPPE nodes in the cFolders system.

Other parts, such as activities or factory layouts are not taken into account.



       1.      You created an RFC connection to the cFolders system as follows: Tools Administration Administration Network RFC Destinations (transaction SM59). You tested the connection.


If you do not want the back-end integration user to have to explicitly log on to the cFolders system, you can set up a “trusted system” connection. For more information, see SAP Note 128447 and Integration with Back-End Systems (cFolders) in the SAP cProject Suite 4.00 Security Guide on SAP Service Marketplace at Installation & Upgrade Guides mySAP Business Suite Solutions mySAP PLM using cProject Suite 4.00.


       2.      You made the required settings in Customizing for cFolders back-end integration using transaction CFC01. Here, you need the name of the RFC connection you created in the first step.

       3.      You deselected the iPPE Node and iPPE Variant checkboxes in cFolders Administration.




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