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You use this process to plan resource demand on a long-term, strategic basis. You specify the resource demand along a timeline in corresponding capacity categories. You map the operational resource demand to the strategic capacity categories.

You as a resource manager assign capacity to portfolio itemsaccording to their availability and qualifications. Additionally, you can use cross-project fast entry screens for quick staffing across the portfolio.

You specify the resource demand along a timeline in corresponding capacity categories and category groups. Operational resource demand is mapped to the strategic capacity and category groups.


Process Flow


       1.      You create a resource in the Resources view and assign it to a particular bucket.

       2.      The system displays all assigned resources in the Resources view.

       3.      You see the staffing overview related to the projects and the project roles, by choosing Portfolio Management -> Resource Management. You can make changes to a project role or/and distribution of a role.

       4.      You can see the people, their availability and assigned project roles within each project, by choosing Resource Management Resources.

       5.      You check for the availability and assign a role.


The high-level capacity (resources) is assigned to item or bucket level and can be pushed down to an operational system, such as cProjects as resource demand where the actual role staffing can be done.


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