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You use this function to compare or reconcile certain project data. However, it is only possible to compare or reconcile the project data if the projects are based on the same templates or if the project versions belong to the same project.


Use version reconciliation to load Microsoft Project data in cProjects (see Importing of Project Data).


     Your system administrator allows versions to be used for the current project type (see Customizing for Collaboration Projects, IMG activity Define Project Types).

     You have authorization to display the project or version.

     For a reconciliation, the status of the target project still permits changes (status Created or Released).


In a comparison the system displays two projects or versions next to each other. No data is changed.

In a reconciliation you can transfer the data of a version to a simulation or an operational project. You decide which project elements are to be transferred yourself, there is no automatic reconciliation.

In both cases, the system takes the following data into account:

     Project element data




     Object links



Some data cannot be reconciled, even if there are differences, for example:

      All project element data whose status in the target project does not permit any more changes

      Data that cannot be changed in general (for example, administration data)

In both functions the system uses red, yellow, and green traffic lights to show which parts of the data are different and which parts are the same. If the system does not display any traffic lights, no data exists. The system uses yellow traffic lights to display differences that you cannot change with a reconciliation. Clicking a traffic light gives you a detailed view of which data is different and which data is the same. Here you can choose whether you want the system to display all the values, only the differences, or only the matches. If you expand the structure on one side, the system automatically expands the corresponding structure on the other side.


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