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Procedure documentation Creating a System User  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You have not created a system user already. Otherwise the system displays the Change System User function in the initial screen under User Administration and not the Create System User function.


       1.      Choose User Administration on the home page.

The System Settings screen appears.

       2.      Choose the Create System User pushbutton in the Functions for Local User Administration screen area on the User tab page.

The Create System User screen appears. The system proposes default values for the unique user ID (user), the first name, last name, and the e-mail address.

       3.      Use the default values or change them as required.

       4.      Save your entries.


You have created the system user. You can now send notifications using the system user.

For more information about setting up e-mails in cFolders, see the section entitled Enabling E-Mails for cFolders in the cFolders Configuration Guide on SAP Service Marketplace under Installation and Upgrade Guides mySAP Business Suite Solutions mySAP PLM Using cProject Suite 3.10.


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