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Procedure documentation Creating a Collaboration  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure



       1.      You installed and configured cFolders.

       2.      In Customizing for Collaboration Projects under Structure Define Project Types, you selected the cFolders checkbox in the Collaboration group box.

       3.      You are in the detail view of a project on the Collaborations tab page.



       1.      In the structure tree, select the project element for which you want to create a collaboration.

       2.      Choose Create.

       3.      Select the target system on which your cFolders application runs under cFolders System, if required. If no target system is available, the system cannot create the collaboration.

       4.      Change the name, if required.

       5.      Decide whether you want to use a collaborative scenario or a competitive scenario.

       6.      If you want to use a different collaboration as a template for creating the new collaboration, choose the template here.

This field only exists if collaborations already exist in cFolders, for which you have authorization and which are marked as templates (see Templates).

       7.      Choose the source from which you want to assign documents to the collaboration.

You can use cProjects documents, cProjects status reports, DMS documents, or DMS status reports as the source. However, the last three are only available if the corresponding documents already exist for the selected project element or the project type permits this function.

       8.      Create the collaboration in cFolders:

                            a.      Choose Continue.

The system opens the view for transferring documents. You can transfer documents straight away or later on (see Transferring Documents ).

                            b.      Save the collaboration.

The system creates the collaboration and displays the overview of the collaborations again.

       9.      Save the project.


If you only save the collaboration, the assignment of the collaboration to a project element in cProjects is lost.


The collaboration is created in cFolders and assigned to a project element.


The collaboration inherits the authorizations of the project element to which it is assigned.


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