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You can staff project roles with resources.

The project role type determines how project roles are staffed with resources. You can use the Staffed By field in Customizing for Collaboration Projects under Resource Management Basic Settings for Project Roles Define Project Role Types to control which application is used to staff the project roles. The following options are possible:

      Project Lead:

The project lead staffs roles directly in cProjects.

      Resource Manager via Authorization:

The role is staffed through an external application that has authorization for staffing via the project definition. Staffing can also take place through cProjects.

      Resource Manager via Responsible Organization:

The role is staffed through an external application. In this case, the user is the staffing manager for the responsible organizational unit specified in cProjects. Staffing can also take place through cProjects.

The following external options are available for resource planning: The Web-based Resource Planning Application (RPA) from service resource planning in SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) and the Resources iView from SAP xApp Resource and Portfolio Management (SAP xRPM).


For more information about Service Resource Planning, see SAP Library under mySAP Business Suite SAP Customer Relationship Management Components and Functions Service Service Resource Planning.


To staff project roles with internal resources, you have to create the resources as business partners in Project Resource Planning. You cannot staff any project roles with external resources in cProjects. Project roles are staffed with external resources in SAP Supplier Relationship Management (SAP SRM).

You can create business partners in the following ways:

      You can create business partners manually from the SAP menu by choosing:

Collaboration Projects Master Data Business Partner Maintain Business Partner.

      If you use mySAP Human Resources, you can transfer your master data.

For more information, see Customizing for Collaboration Projects by choosing Resource Management Basic Settings for Resource Management Application Link Enabling (ALE) for HR Integration and the SAP Notes 312090 and 390380.

      You can create new business partners in Resource Management from the Projects initial view by choosing:

Resources Project Role Definition Staffing.

For more information, see Creating a Business Partner.

If you use Collaboration Projects together with the Resource Planning Application (RPA) from SAP CRM, note the following special feature: When the resource planner creates appointments (that is, concrete assignments) in the RPA, they appear as project role staffings (that is, capacitive staffing assignments) in cProjects. You cannot tell that these staffings come from the RPA. If you then change and save one of these assignments, you actually create a staffing. The staffing then appears in this form in the RPA too.


When using cProjects with the RPA, we recommend that you only use role types that do not permit distribution because distribution is not supported in the RPA.


You are on the Resources tab page in the Projects initial view where you choose Project Role Definition and then the Staffing tab page.


Project Role List

The project definition screen area on the left displays the project roles with their status and assigned resources.


Staffing of Project Role Group Box

This displays the resources assigned to the selected project role with the required capacity and time frame assigned. You can also choose to display a configurable staffing action that supports the staffing process.

You can display the percentage of availability for the role. This is based on the time frame and required capacity.

From here you can assign:

      Multiple resources to a single project role

If you select the Edit in Parallel indicator in Customizing for Collaboration Projects by choosing Resource Management Basic Settings for Project Roles Define Project Role Types, staffings are allowed to overlap.

      A single resource to multiple roles

      You can assign a single resource to a role more than once, that is, for different time frames.

      When you select a row, you can display the distribution for the staffing, provided that distribution is permitted for the role.

      If you want to staff the project role temporarily with a placeholder, use the Staff with N.N. function.


You cannot delete, change, or copy staffings that were created using the Shopping Cart tab page via SRM directly at this point.

To staff a project role with a suitable resource, you can:

      Use the resource search

      Directly assign a preferred candidate

      Save a preferred candidate and also use the resource search function to find other suitable resources. For more information, see Candidates.


Resource Search for Project Role Group Box

You access this group box by choosing Show Search.


Select Resource Group Box

From here you can:

      Search for existing resources, organizational units, or business partners

      Display detailed information on resources found


You make the required settings in Customizing for Collaboration Projects by choosing Resource Management Business Partner Define Display Details for Business Partner.

      Store resources as candidates 

      Reserve resources

      Staff project roles with resources

      Create new resources and business partners


Before creating a business partner, use the search function to check that it does not already exist.

After storing resources as candidates or assigning them to a project, you can e-mail the selected resources or their managers from the application to notify them that they have been assigned to a project or have received a task.


Candidates Group Box

You see all resources you have saved as candidates in this area. You can also choose to display a configurable staffing action that supports the staffing process. For more information, see Candidates.



When you click the name of a staffing in the Project Role Staffing group box or click the name of a candidate in the Candidates group box, the system displays a dialog box that shows the details of the business partner. Here, the system displays the projects in which the business partner is responsible for at least one project element, on the Projects tab page. You can also create a new tab page with the name Staffings that displays the project role staffings of the business partner, enables you to branch to the relevant project role, and contains detailed information about previous staffings.

For more information about creating the Staffings tab page, see SAP Note 979978.


See also:

      Staffing Actions

      Creating a Business Partner

      Reserving Resources

      Staffing Project Roles with Resources 

      Storing Resources as Candidates





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