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Technical Data

Runtime Technology

Java/Web Dynpro (WAS 6.40 and higher)

Technical Name

Available for Portal(Release)

Enterprise Portal 7.0 (SP4)

Data Source

Web Dynpro application: NavigationPanel


Available in the business package languages




This iView is the main navigation component for SAP xRPM 4.0. This iView is located in the dynamic navigation area of each screen. The links shown in the navigation panel depend on your context. There is one navigation panel iView instance per context. The contexts can be:

        Portfolio Management

        Item Management

        Resource Management


The links are further contextual, depending on:

      current portfolio type

      current object type


The navigation panel contains several areas and functions:

Area Features



Current object area


The name of the current object, such as portfolio, item, bucket, review etc., is displayed.

Other Portfolios

Other Items etc.

By clicking Other Portfolios, Other Items etc. you can select a different portfolio, item etc.

History area


The history is only stored in the context of a portfolio and user role. The history is cleared every time the portfolio is changed or the second level portal navigation has been used.

View History

By clicking View History, you can open a pop-up displaying the portal page history (recently visited pages). You can select links in the history.

View History forward arrow and back arrow

By clicking the arrows, you can navigate to the previous or next page.




By clicking one of these links, you can open another available portal page in the context of the current portfolio and object.


Actions list (contextual)

By clicking one of these links, you can start another action on another portal page, in the context of the current portfolio and object.

Look Up


This is a search feature. By entering a name of an object and selecting the “within” area, then clicking the search button, you can find an object. There is also an advanced search link.

Portal Favorites


You can add and organize portal favorites links.


The navigation panel is part of all xRPM portal pages.


      You have defined the links in customizing of the back-end system, by choosing SAP xApp Resource and Portfolio Management (SAP xRPM) Global Customizing Process and Service Settings Define Navigation.

      The navigation panel shows links (separated into views and actions) depending on:

        Portfolio type of the current portfolio

        Object type of the current object (Portfolio/Bucket/Item/Review/Collection)

        Portal role (As maintained in the application parameter “PortalRole”)

      The order of the views and actions is given by the backend customizing.

Optional Settings

The navigation panel uses the following application parameters:


Used to determine which links are shown.


This is the ID of the link pointing to the start page of the current role. After a new portfolio is selected in the portfolio picker this page is called. Then this page forwards to the official startup page for the current user and the newly selected portfolio.


Triggers special administrator logic. If the following settings apply:

        this flag is set to true

        there is no portfolio in the current cache

        there is no default portfolio for the user

Then, it is assumed that an administrator has logged on to the system for the very first time and there simply is no portfolio in the system, yet. In this case, the links to be shown are read from the backend customizing for portfolio type “ADM”, which then should return a link pointing to the (empty) portfolio dashboard which allows the administrator to create a new portfolio.

This should be a one time event.


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