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This function enables you to manage all costs and revenues for a project using a work breakdown structure in the Project System (PS). In order to do this, you create a multilevel controlling structure out of WBS elements that serve as cost collectors. You can do this manually or automatically. You can create this structure independently of the project structure in cProjects or you can create a structure that is partly or completely identical. You decide which tasks or project roles you link to which WBS elements. This allows you to control how costs incurred by work or other required capacities are posted to project elements. For example, you can assign a single WBS element to each project element for which costs and revenues are incurred or summarize the costs and revenues of several project elements in one WBS element. Depending on the settings you made for the project type in Customizing, you assign project roles or tasks.


The following graphic explains the function (assignment of tasks):


This graphic is explained in the accompanying text


You can use SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI) to evaluate cProjects projects or you can use the evaluations in cProjects to do this. If you create complex multilevel controlling structures manually, SAP recommends that you only use the evaluations in BI.


You set up a controlling method for multilevel controlling and the permitted controlling level in Customizing for SAP ECC under Integration with Other SAP Components Collaboration Projects Controlling Define Controlling Scenario for the project type that is used. The controlling method specifies the following:

     Whether the controlling structure is to be created manually or automatically

     Whether account assignment is to be carried out for project roles or for project elements (tasks and project definition)


Make sure that the controlling method does not contradict the settings you make under Confirmation in Customizing for Collaboration Projects.


     You can assign a cProjects project element to a single account assignment element.

     You can only assign the project elements of a project to the WBS elements of a single PS project. If you want to change this assignment, you first have to delete the assignment and then save the project. The search help for PS projects will then also be available.

     An account assignment element can be assigned to several cProjects project elements of the same project but not to the project elements of different cProjects projects. However, you can assign different WBS elements of a PS project to different cProjects projects.

     When you assign an account assignment element to a cProjects project element, the system transfers this assignment for all lower-level elements down to the level at which an assignment already exists. You can overwrite the default information. If you change an assignment, the assignments that were automatically transferred are also changed – assignments adjusted manually are not changed automatically.

     Subprojects have their own assignments to account assignment objects; therefore they do not inherit the account assignment objects of higher-level project elements either.


Manual Creation of the Controlling Structure

Automatic Creation of the Controlling Structure


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