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This function enables you to display larger numbers of tasks or checklist items in a tabular overview and create and edit them there.


The Criticality Level button allows you to display the threshold value violations for a task or checklist item and set a manual severity.


You are in the screen for processing a project element, for which you can create tasks or checklist items (see Creating Project Elements).


      You can display the basic data for a checklist item or task using the Detail button.

      The Tasks or Subtasks button allows you to display the tasks or subtasks of a checklist item or task.



       1.      Open one of the following tab pages depending on the project element, for which you want to use mass data entry:



       Checklist Items

       2.      To create new tasks or checklist items, enter the name of the new task or checklist item. Choose Enter to confirm your entries.

       3.      Change the data or enter new data.


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