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Administration in cFolders comprises three different administration functions. You use these functions to make system settings. These settings apply to the whole system and can therefore only be made by an administrator.


The administration is divided into the following three functions (the roles in brackets correspond to these):

        User administration (SAP_CFX_USER_ADMINISTRATOR)

        Network administration (SAP_CFX_NETWORK_ADMINISTRATOR)

        cFolders administration (SAP_CFX_CFOLDERS_ADMINISTRATOR)

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

The SAP_CFX_ADMINISTRATOR role contains all three roles mentioned above in one role. This role therefore automatically gives you authorization for all three administration functions.


Ask your system administrator which roles are required for the administrative tasks you have to perform and check whether you have been assigned the appropriate roles.

To do this, choose Settings from the menu and then the Roles tab page.

The system only displays the user administration, network administration, and cFolders administration functions in the overview tree if you have the relevant administration authorization for these. However, the user can personalize some administration settings in the Settings menu.


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