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cProjects supports efficient execution of projects by using the following lock logic:

        When you maintain a project all dependent project elements are locked. This enables the project leader, for example, to plan the dates for the whole project.

        If you process an individual approval, you only lock the approval that the individual approval belongs to. This enables several decision makers to process their individual approvals at once.

You can continue to process all other project elements at this stage:

        If the individual approval causes the status of the approval to change, the system also locks the phase.

        If the approval causes the status of the phase to change, the system also locks the project definition.

        You can process tasks and checklist items in parallel. This allows multiple users to confirm various tasks or checklist items in the system at the same time, without creating a lock conflict. If you are processing a task or a checklist item in a project, you also lock the phase that the project element belongs to. You can continue to process the project definition and other phases provided that you do not make any changes to them that also affect the locked phase.

        If you process checklist, project, or control plan templates, all dependent elements are locked.


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