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You are defined as the person responsible for a task and have started to edit the task or have already completed it. You now want to confirm the task in the system.


·        You are on the Additional Data tab page in the Tasks or Projects initial view.

·        The task has the status Released or In Process.

·        The project type of the current project allows confirmation for tasks.


You can also confirm times for project roles and for the project definition.

·        Time recording using the Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS) is not active.



       1.      In the structure tree navigate to the task you want to confirm and click it.

       2.      Enter your confirmation data.

The system calculates the remaining work from the difference between the planned work (see the Work field in the Advanced screen area) and the time you entered in the Confirmation field. If you want to enter the remaining work manually, set the RemainWork Man.: indicator.

       3.      Once you have completed the task, change to the Basic Data tab page and choose the entry Complete from the Change Status dropdown box.


When you complete the task, the system checks the actual start and finish dates on the Additional Data tab page. If the actual finish date has not been entered, the system automatically enters the current date as the actual finish date. If the actual start date has not been entered either, the system also enters the current date in this field.


The task is given the status Completed and is confirmed in the system. It no longer appears under My Tasks in the Tasks initial view.


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