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      You created a task (see Creating Project Elements) and are in the editing view of this task on the Basic Data tab page (see also Opening a Project or Project Version).


You cannot make any changes if you opened a snapshot.

      You created project roles (see Creating a Project Role).

      In the Language field (upper right-hand corner) you selected the language you want to use for creating language-dependent texts (see also Multilingual Capabilities).


General Area


       1.      Enter a Name for the task.

The name is language-dependent but you can enter a name of your choice.

       2.      Change the Sort Number, as required.

When you create a task, the system enters the sort number according to the position of the task. If you want to position a task between two existing tasks, enter a sort number that lies between the sort numbers of the existing tasks.

       3.      Select a Task Type.

You must enter a task type before you can release a task.

       4.      Select the Process to which the task belongs.

You can use the process in the evaluations. A process is independent of a phase in terms of time and can extend across phase boundaries.

       5.      Specify persons responsible (see Persons Responsible for Project Elements).


This person does not have to carry out the task; you can enter a person responsible on an organizational level, for example, while the actual project participants are responsible for completing the task. You assign the project participants who have to complete the task on the Roles tab page (see Assignment of Project Roles to Tasks) or in the Resources area on the Tasks tab page (see Task Assignment).

       6.      Enter a Description, as required.

The description is language-dependent.

       7.      Enter a subproject, as required.

For more information, see Work with Subprojects.

       8.      If you want to release the task for processing, choose the entry Release from the Change Status field.

The system changes the current status from Created to Released. The task is now released for processing (see Editing Project Structures).


Once you have released the task, you can no longer change the task type. You cannot delete the task either.

For more information about the status and the effects of changing the status, see Status of Tasks.

Dates Area


You can also edit the dates in the graphical view or in the table view.


       1.      Select constraints.

       2.      Enter a start date and a finish date, as required.

The fields are only ready for input if you selected the Must start on or Must finish on constraint.

       3.      Enter a Duration, as required.

The field is relevant or taken into account only if you have not entered a date or have only entered one date in the Fixed Start Date and Fixed Finish Date fields. Otherwise the system calculates the duration automatically.

       4.      Select the Calendar you want to use for this task.

For more information, see Scheduling.


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