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The cFolders plug-in is an Applet that provides additional options for file handling. It supports the following activities:

        Executing file changes via checkout:

This is a transaction for automated download, processing, and upload operations. You can cancel processing at any time and continue later on. The checkout transaction is not restricted to one file. However, you can only check out one file at a time. The cFolders system automatically adds any files you check out to a list of checked out files in your list of Favorites (Overview of Checked Out Documents). This list can consist of more than one item.

        Uploading files to the next file server:

This function is configured in the Settings menu on the General tab page, by selecting the Plug-In indicator and by choosing a File Server from the corresponding dropdown list box. If no dedicated file servers are entered in your cFolders system, this function is not relevant to you. You do not need the plug-in for optimized read-only access to files (file download).


        To run the plug-in you must work with Microsoft Internet Explorer, Version 5.0 or higher.

        The original Java Virtual Machine (JVM) from Microsoft is also required.

This is usually installed along with the Microsoft Internet Explorer. If this is not the case, you can download the JVM from Microsoft:

Choose Settings B General tab page B Hyperlink Check my local installation (recommended) B Hyperlink SUN Java Web pageson the plug-in test page.

        JVMs from other vendors are not supported.


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