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You can import a project or version from Microsoft® Project or project data from an XML file to cProjects. SAP supplies a predefined XML schema for importing XML data (see transaction SE80 for the BSP application CPROJECTS under Mimes XML cProjects_xsd).


The following prerequisites must be met before you can import a project from Microsoft Project:

      You have installed Microsoft Project Client 2002 (or a higher release) on your PC or you already have a connection to Microsoft Project Server 2003.

      You have performed the corresponding activities in Customizing for Collaboration Projectsunder Connection to External Systems Microsoft Project Integration.


Before the import, the system checks whether a project already exists in cProjects that has the same external ID as the ID in the import file:

      If the project does not exist yet, the system creates a new project and opens it. You can now edit the project and save it.

      If the project already exists, the system creates a simulation from the imported data with the name 0IMPORT and the project number and displays the new simulation.

If the system generated a version, you can reconcile it with the operational project.

Special Features of the Import from Microsoft Project

You can include phases, checklists, and tasks in cProjects on the basis of a Microsoft Project upload. To do this, you have to assign the phase type, checklist type, or task type to a corresponding enterprise field (user-defined field) in Microsoft Project. You do this in Customizing for Collaboration Projects. If a project is imported without any errors, it is automatically saved.


Choose the Import button in the Projects initial view, select the format, and enter your data.


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