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The status of the staffing process specifies the types of tasks the staffing managers and candidate managers can perform using Project Resource Planning (PRP). Each status has its own activities. This allows the specialist with the most expertise in the specific area to perform the activities related to that area in the staffing process.


You set the status of the staffing process on the Staffing Process tab page.



Performed By


Staffing in Preparation

Project lead


Staffing in Process

Staffing manager and/or candidate manager


Staffing Complete

Project lead



Staffing in Preparation

PRP opens the project role with the status automatically set to Staffing in Preparation. The project lead initiates the project by using the following tab pages to complete the initial project parameters and defining the requirements for the role within the project:

      General tab page

      Tasks tab page

      Qualifications tab page (available when using WFM Core)

Once this part of the process is complete, the project lead sets the status to Staffing in Process.

Staffing in Process

As part of the staffing process, PRP sets access to the General tab page to read-only except for the Vacant field and the project description. It also sets access to the Qualifications and Tasks tab pages to read-only. Project roles for which the Vacant indicator is selected still require resources.

At this point, the staffing manager takes responsibility for staffing through the Staffing Process tab page and accesses the worklist from the Worklist tab page. The candidate manager performs the following tasks:

      He or she takes responsibility for staffing through the Staffing Process tab page.

      He or she uses the worklist from the Worklist tab page to perform a resource search.

      He or she checks the candidate list (if the indicator has been selected so that the staffing requirements can be seen in the worklist) and deletes undesirable or unsuitable candidates.

The staffing manager then approves the candidates and assigns them to the individual roles.

Staffing Complete

The staffing manager deselects the Vacant indicator for the role (on the General tab page) and sets the status to Staffing Complete. At this point, PRP sets all role information for this project role to read-only.


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