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An external reference is a link that allows you to start any application that can be run from the Web browser. For example, you could link to purchasing software on the Internet.


You create external references from the collaboration detail screen. You should check first whether the application for which you want to create a reference can be opened  from the browser window. To call up the application to which you want to create a reference, choose File B Open B Browse in the Microsoft Internet Explorer. To display *.EXE files, choose Files of Type: All Files. Once you have called up your application, copy the URL with which you started the application into the Bookmark field on the screen for creating a reference; save your entries. When you enter your collaboration, you can now call up the application directly using the link at the top of the overview tree.

You can create any number of references for a collaboration. External references enable you to keep all applications needed for collaborative work in one place.

References are different to bookmarks in that they not only can link to other pages and collaborations but also to applications. They are also different in that they are valid for an entire collaboration and not just for one folder.


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