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This function provides an overview of the general data for a project role. When defining new project roles, you use this function to specify the general data.


You are in the Projects initial view on the Resources General tab page.


The left area of the screen displays an overview of all project roles that you have already created with the status and the resources already assigned.

The General tab page displays the detail data for the selected project role and the scheduled start and finish dates of the project derived from the project data. You can create new project roles or copy existing project roles (see Creating a Project Role).

When you do this, you can specify or view the following attributes:

      Project role type


The system displays default project role types according to the project type. You can make these settings in Customizing for Collaboration Projects by choosing Resource Management Basic Settings for Project Roles Define Project Role Types.

You make a role available for the staffing process by choosing one of the Resource Manager... entries in the Staffed By column in this Customizing activity.

      Whether the project role is relevant for resource management (display only)


You specify that a role is relevant for resource management by selecting the Res.Mgmt indicator in the Define Project Role Types activity in Customizing for Collaboration Projects.

If Service Resource Planning is part of your processing environment and you specify that a role is relevant for resource management, the required capacity (of the role) reduces the actual availability of the resource entered in Service Resource Planning and increases the candidate’s workload. Service Resource Planning also allows you to use groupware tasks.

      A name for the project role

      The validity period of the project role

      The confirmed times, including the time unit


This field is only available if you selected time recording for project roles in Customizing for Collaboration Projects by choosing Structure Define Project Types. Otherwise you record your times for tasks.

      The calculated start and finish

If you do not specify an explicit validity period for the role, the system determines and displays the calculated start and calculated finish from the validity period of the project.

      The planned required capacity using the time unit of your choice

      The urgency of the project role, which indicates how important the project role is

      The Vacant indicator to document that the role has not been staffed yet

      The area and location in which the role is required

If tasks are assigned to a project role and the project role type does not permit distribution, the system displays the following data for the task assignment under Task Assignments for Project Role:

      The number of tasks assigned

      Earliest start and latest finish date of the tasks

      The total work assigned

You can use the Copy this data for the project role button to transfer this data to the project role definition.

If you chose a project role with distribution, you can no longer manually edit the required capacity in the project role (that is, in the Required Capacity field). The data then always comes from the distribution data, which you can edit manually (see Distribution of Required Capacity Over Periods).


For more information about Service Resource Planning, see SAP Library under mySAP Business Suite SAP Customer Relationship Management Components and Functions Service Service Resource Planning.


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