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You can use this iView to display and maintain the details of an item version. The version details correspond to the item overview as it was displayed at the time you created the new version.

You navigate to this iView, by choosing Portfolio Management Portfolio Management.or Item Management. In the item dashboard, select an item. In the navigation panel, choose Version History. In the Version History table, select an item version. Under Actions, choose Version Details. You can see now the item version details of an item at a certain point in time.


From this iView you can navigate to start the following functions:

        Create a new version of a portfolio item in the context of the original item.

If the version type selected is a snap shot, then the item version created cannot be edited. If the what-if scenario version type is selected, then the item version created can be edited.

        Modify an existing version of a portfolio item: If you navigate back, by choosing Item Overview, you can modify an existing version of a portfolio item.

      Display details in different categories.

        The General Information category shows regular fields, such as name and description.

       In the Comment category, you can see existing comments and create new ones. The system automatically inserts the exact time when you created the comment.

        The Additional Information category shows data from customer fields.

Whether or not a field is visible, and the required and enabled properties depend on the UI configuration of the ABAP field for the API version.

For more information about API UI Properties, see Customizing by choosing SAP xApp Resource and Portfolio Management (SAP xRPM) Global Customizing Global Field Settings Check SAP Field Configuration.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text

In the context of an item version, you can maintain the version details.

In the context of the original item, you can create a new version.

In the versioned item context, you can maintain the version details. To display the context of the original item, click Back to Original Item.

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