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Depending on your role in the staffing process, you use the Staffing Process tab page to:

      Set and change the status of the project role.

      Assign the organization for a role or accept the responsibility for a role.

      Make roles visible in the worklist for candidate managers.

      Add messages to this resource project.



      You are on the Resources tab page.

      You are using the staffing process and have a role that allows you to view and use the Staffing Process tab page.



You use the Status area to set the current status of a particular project role to be staffed.

Staffing managers use the Responsible for Staffing group box to accept the responsibility for staffing a specific role.

Candidate managers use the Responsible for Resource Search and Candidate Management group box to accept the responsibility for candidates for a specific role. This is also the area where project administrators and staffing managers make the role visible in the candidate manager’s worklist by selecting the Visible in Worklist checkbox.

You use the Messages group box to communicate with other managers about the staffing process for a specific role. You can continue to edit messages until you choose to save your work. From this time onwards, the messages become read-only.


See also:

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      Accepting Responsibility for Roles





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