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Each user with a user profile in Collaboration Folders (cFolders) that provides basic access to the cFolders application. Various comprehensive authorizations can be assigned to the user, including the authorization None, if necessary.

(In the more narrow sense, user recognition with which a user logs on to cFolders.)


Each user can make the following personal user settings:

      First name


      Description (Function/Activity)


      Telephone number


      Time zone

      Date format

      Decimal format

      mySAP SRM: Category ID

A user administrator can preconfigure the following standard user settings for a newly-created user. If necessary, the user can then change these preconfigured standard settings to suit his or her requirements.

      Language (Selection of a language)

      Scenarios (Selection of available scenarios)

      Standards (yes/no)

      Home page (Selection of a home page)

      Display Tooltips (yes/no)

      Plug-In (yes/no)

      File Explorer (yes/no)

      Display thumbnails (yes/no)

      Experienced user (yes/no)

      Display icons (yes/no)

      Meeting host (yes/no)

      Receive notifications as e-mail (no/how often)

      Activate file storage (yes/no)

      mySAP SRM: Category ID


Users can be created using Central User Administration. In this case, in cFolders itself, only a few cFolders-specific changes can be made to the user in cFolders itself.

You can also use the Functions for Local User Administration for creating and managing your users. In this case you can perform the whole user administration within cFolders (that is, creating, copying, changing, and deleting users).

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System User


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