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Procedure documentation Notifying a Selected Resource by E-Mail  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can e-mail the selected resources or their managers to notify them that they have been assigned to a project or have received a task. The system automatically inserts project data such as time periods and the amount of work.

Note that the system uses the e-mail address from the business partner data.


You can create templates for the e-mails in the following activity in the Implementation Guide: Collaboration Projects Resource Management Basic Settings for Resource Management Assign Forms for E-mail and Groupware Communication.


        You have defined e-mail templates. If you have not defined any templates in your project language, the system sends a blank e-mail.


If you have Windows NT 4.0 Workstation as an operating system, the text appears incompletely when an e-mail is created. This is because Windows NT 4.0 is restricted to 260 characters for hyperlinks with a mailto URL.

        You have entered the e-mail address in the business partner data.


If you have not done so already, you can enter an address by carrying out the activities under Creating a Business Partner in the Creating a Business Partner from the SAP Menu section.

        You are in the Resources tab page in the Projects initial view.


        In the Staffing of Project Role group box under Person Assignment

        In the Candidates group box under Person Assignment

        In the Search Result in the Resource Search


There are functions for sending e-mails at various places in the application.


       1.      Choose the e-mail function.

The e-mail template appears.

       2.      Make changes as required.

       3.      Choose Send.

       4.      In the Candidates and Staffing of Project Role areas, you can enter a comment to the effect that you have notified the resource about the project.



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