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You are not allowed to delete a project or template that has been released within the cProjects application. From the status Released onwards, you can only delete projects and templates by archiving them first. The project or template then no longer exists in the database, but can be read from the archive for display purposes.

Your system administrator carries out archiving. As the user, you only flag a project in cProjects for archiving.


         To display a project or a template that has already been archived, you must have read authorization for the archived object. If you have granted authorizations to user groups or organizations in an archived project, you can grant a user read authorization for an archived project at a later point in time, by assigning the user to a user group or organization that holds read authorization for the archived project.

         You can only flag projects for archiving that have the status Completed or Canceled.

         You can only flag templates for archiving that have the status Obsolete.


You can archive projects as well as project, checklist, and control plan templates.


     To flag a project for archiving, set the To Be Archived status.

     To display a project that was already archived, call it by choosing it from the search (search using Archive) results list or the favorites list.


If you add a project to your favorites list before you archive it, it remains in your favorites list after archiving. You can call it from the favorites list directly. You can also add an archived project listed in a search results list to your favorites list.


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