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You can define constraints for when a project element should start and finish.  The following constraints are considered to be fixed dates in scheduling:

      Must start on

      Must finish on

The following constraint types are also available:

      Start no earlier than

      Finish no earlier than

      Start no later than

      Finish no later than

When the following constraints are used, the start date and finish date of the project element are determined by scheduling. You cannot specify any other constraints or enter any dates.

      Earliest possible

      Latest possible


You create a task in a phase that lasts from 01.01. to 06.30 in a single year. The duration of the task is 30 days. This task cannot start earlier than 06.15 due to delivery dates. Therefore, you enter "Start no earlier than" as the start date constraint for the task and 06.15 as the start date. The system takes this date constraint into account, and if top-down scheduling takes place, it reports that the finish date of the task conflicts with the finish date of the phase. If bottom-up scheduling takes place, the postponement of the finish date of the task means that the finish date of the phase is adjusted accordingly.



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