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Network administration is one of the three administration functions in cFolders. The network administrator makes system settings here for the key cFolders functions (such as meetings, notifications, and status management).


You have been assigned the network administrator role (SAP_CFX_NETWORK_ADMINISTRATOR).

The system only displays the Network Administration function in the overview tree if you have network administration authorization.


You can make the following settings under Network Administration:

       1.      On the Meetings tab page you can:

        Activate the meeting functions

        Activate e-mail invitations for meetings.

        Choose from the cFolders demo-site and your own WebEx site.

The WebEx site must be entered in the following format under Meeting Site:


If you want to use your own WebEx site, the Use cFolders Demo Site indicator must not be set.

        Define the maximum duration of a meeting (in minutes), the time interval in which the meeting assistant is to be updated (in seconds), as well as the folders in which the meetings are to be saved.

Use the default folder WebEx Meetings.

       2.      On the Notifications tab page you can:

        Activate notifications in the form of a summary e-mail.

The notifications are collected and sent together in a time interval that you have defined under Settings on the Notifications tab page.

       3.      On the Status tab page you can:

        Activate the job that sends reminder notifications for status management

       4.      On the Network tab page you can:

        Specify the proxy server name, the proxy server port number, and the absolute URL for the application and whether internet access is allowed.

The URLs must be entered as follows:

For the application:

<Protocol>://<Server>:<Port>/<External alias cFolders>/cfx_rfc_ui

For the WebDAV:

<Protocol>://<Server>:<Port>/<External alias WebDAV>

        Send a test e-mail to yourself to check the function.

        Test whether the cFolders server can create a connection to the Internet as an HTTP client.

        Determine the cFolders URL

       5.      On the File Storage tab page you can:

        Activate file storage

        Specify the data for the FTP server that is to be used.

        Specify the external file transfer tool that is to be used

       6.      On the Cimmetry AutoVue tab page you can:

        Activate the viewer integration

        Specify the AutoVue URL


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