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In this Web application, you can create a new resource rool comprising resources and resource manager.

You navigate to this iView by choosing Portfolio Management Administration Resource Pools. Choose Create New.




       1.      You are required to provide information about the resource pool in the fields described below.






Enter name of the pool. Can be alphanumeric characters.



Enter an ID for the pool. Can be alphanumeric characters

       2.      Resource Criteria:

Here, you specify the resources comprising the current pool. Use filter criteria to search for the resources or select them manually.

                            a.      Select the category from the drop down list for the Add Resources By field.

                            b.      Add the filter criterion as follows:


Action to add a criterion


In the Search Geography screen, select the appropriate geography.

Organizational Unit

In the Search Organizational Unit screen, select the appropriate organizational unit.


Select the team from the drop down list to include all users from the team.

Category > Sub Category

Select the subcategory from the drop down list to include all users matching the subcategory.

Role function

Select the role function from the drop down list to filter all users by the role function.

Portfolio > Bucket


       1.      In Select a Bucket, select the portfolio from the drop down list. 

       2.      From the portfolio structure, select the appropriate bucket.

Name (Add directly to Pool)

To manually add a resource, use the Search Resources to add the resource to the pool.


       3.      Resource Manager

Here you may add or remove a resource manager to the pool.

                            a.      Click Add Resource Manager and use Select Resources to select the resource manager and add to the list.

                            b.      Click the box to the left of the resource manager name and click Remove.

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