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Depending on whether or not you assign authorizations to transitions, the system will send status notifications to different recipients:

If you do not assign transition authorizations, the system sends the notifications to the users that have 'write' authorization for the object that uses the status profile.

If you assign transition authorizations:

       1.      The system sends the status notifications to the users who have authorization for the next status transition(s). For example, if you designate user 'Smith' as the only transition user who has the authorization for the transitions Release and Post process, and you create a status notification for the transition Being checked, only user 'Smith' receives a message when the status of an object is changed from In Process to Being checked.

       2.      The system sends notifications relating to deadlines and processing times to the users who have authorization to leave the current status. For example, if you designate the user group 'Purchasing' as transition users who have authorization for the transition Release, and you create a deadline for the status Release, all employees in purchasing will receive a message, if an object still has the status In Process on the date of the deadline.


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