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Procedure documentation Editing the Relationship Between Tasks  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You specify how tasks within a project are related to one another by creating links between the tasks:

      You can create links between tasks at the same level of the project structure or between tasks at different levels of the project structure.

      A number of different link types are available. The links have a time interval which can also be a negative value. The relationship influences the scheduling of the project.

      You can also create relationships with all four link types in the graphical view.


You are in the detailed view of a project and in the structure tree you have selected the task for which you want to edit or enter relationships. In the detail view, you have selected the Relationship tab page.



       1.      Choose Task (Same Level) or Task (Any Level).

For links between tasks at the same level, you can choose from all possible tasks and tasks that have not yet been linked, in the dropdown box. If there are no tasks at the same level as the task you want to link or if all tasks at the same level are already linked to this task, the field is not ready for input.

For links between tasks at any level, select the task from the project structure by choosing Find.

       2.      Select a task and a link type.

       3.      Choose Predecessor or Successor.

The system enters the task in the corresponding table.

       4.      Choose Edit.

       5.      Enter the time interval that should be between the two tasks.

       6.      Select the calendar you want to use for the relationship.

       7.      Save your entries.

       8.      To remove a predecessor or successor from the list, choose Delete.


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