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Procedure documentation Creating Additional Data for a Project Definition  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You created a project definition (see Creating a Project Definition) and are in the editing view of this project definition on the Additional Data tab page (see also Opening a Project or Project Version).


You cannot make any changes if you opened a snapshot.


Advanced Area


       1.      Enter the Sold-to Party Number and the Customer Number, as required, or select a number using the search function This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

The system transfers the numbers to the Sold-to Party or Customer fields accordingly.

       2.      Enter a Grouping, if required.

Grouping allows you to group together projects in one category. You can select the grouping of your choice. It is an additional search criterion in the search function for finding a project.

       3.      Enter a search term in the Search Field, if required.

The system also uses the search term as an additional search criterion in the search function.

       4.      If you activated time recording for the project definition in the Define Project Types activity in Customizing for Collaboration Projects, the Confirmation field is also active on the Additional Data tab page. The field is only ready for input once the project has been released.

Responsible Organizational Unit Area

Enter the Organizational Unit responsible for the project, or select it using the search function This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

The organizational unit can be used to determine organizational data for costing (see Costing Logic and Derivation of Organizational Data).

Default Values for Resources Area

      If you enter an area and a location, the system offers you this data again when you create new project roles. You can change this information for each project role.

      The distribution unit and the period type you enter here form the basis for the distribution of required capacity.

Administration Area

Here you see which project template the project is based on and who the person responsible for the template is. Furthermore, you check who created and changed the project and when.

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