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cProject Suite

In both cFolders and cProjects, data is mainly stored on the SAP Web Application Server (SAP Web AS) database. An exception to this is when files are checked out for editing. In this case, files are stored locally on the user’s hard drive and it is their responsibility to protect the files according to company security policy.

Depending on which installation scenario you have chosen for cFolders or cProjects, files might also be stored on content servers. For information about security measures to be taken in this case, see Network Security.


In the default setting for cFolders and cProjects, data is protected using the ACL concept already described in Authorizations. A Web browser is required for both scenarios. However, no cookies are used to store data on the front end.

In cFolders only, some settings are made using WebDAV access to XML files that are stored on the SAP Web AS database. As these XML files may contain sensitive data, you have the option of switching off WebDAV access.

For more information, see the solution management content for cFolders under Solutions mySAP PLM Configuration Structures SAP cProject Suite 4.00 Basic Settings for cFolders Business Customizing Changing cFolders Standard Settings Using WebDAV.



In xRPM, data is stored on the SAP Web Application Server (SAP Web AS) database.

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