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In the favorites list you can display projects with the evaluations you have to perform most often.


        You added a project with an evaluation to your favorites list on the Search or Evaluation tab page.

        You are in the Evaluations initial view on the Favorites tab page.

        If you want to use saved data, your system administrator must schedule data extraction in the background.


        The icon in the Criticality Level column shows whether an evaluation produced a threshold value violation and how severe the violation is.

        The system displays the date of the last data extraction in the Saved Data column. You can display the result of the evaluation on the Evaluation tab page by clicking the link.

If no saved data exists, the column is empty.

        The system displays the Execute link in the Current Evaluation column. If you click this link, the system creates an evaluation based on the current data and displays the result on the Evaluation tab page.

For more information, see Creating and Displaying Evaluations.


To delete an object from the favorites list, select it and then choose Remove from Favorites.


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