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You can enter organizational units as selection criteria.



You use Organizational Management in mySAP Human Resources (HR).

You have distributed the HR master data.

For more information, see Customizing for Collaboration Projects under Resource Management Basic Settings for Resource Management Application Link Enabling (ALE) for HR Integration and the SAP Notes 312090 and 390380.

You are in the Projects initial view on the Resources tab page and have chosen Resource Search and then the Organizational Structure tab page.



You can restrict the resource search to particular organizational units. The system then selects only the business partners assigned to the selected organizational unit or a lower-level organizational unit.



Specifying an Organizational Unit As a Search Criterion


       1.      Expand the organizational structure and choose the required organizational unit(s).

You can also use the search function to do this:

Make an entry in the Search Term field and choose Search. The system displays a search result list from which you can select the qualifications you require.

       2.       Choose >> (Add Selected Organizational Unit As Search Criterion). The organizational unit is then transferred to the screen area on the right.

Deleting an Organizational Unit


       1.      In the Selected Organizational Units group box, select the organizational unit(s) you want to delete.

       2.      Choose Delete Selected Objects.

       3.      Save your data.





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