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Field labels that are available for a field on the material version screen. The field is filled when the material is created, or at a later stage.


The system administrator can define attributes for materials. For more information about defining attributes, see the configuration guide on the SAP Service Marketplace under B Installation and Upgrade Guides B mySAP PLM using cProject Suite 3.10 B Collaboration Folders (cFolders): Configuration Guide.

Two attributes are of particular importance:

        Material description

        Material number

When the material is created, these attributes are linked together to form the name of the material. You cannot change the name of a material in the manner that you can change the name of other cFolders objects. To change the material name, you must change these two attributes in the current material version.

The system administrator can define attributes as read only. When you create a material, you can assign a value to these attributes, and the value cannot be changed later.

In addition, there may be other attributes to which the user must assign a value. If the value of such an attribute is blank, the user cannot save the material. The system administrator can also predefine lists of values from which the user can select the relevant value.


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