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Procedure documentation Editing Project Status Reports  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


        An e-mail address has been entered in your user master record.

The address is used as the sender’s address when sending a status report. If no address has been entered, you cannot send a report.

        You have created a project status report.

        You are on the Status Reports tab page.

        You have write authorization for the project.


Sending Reports


       1.      If you store your reports in document management (SAP DMS), you open the document structure of a document info record.

       2.      Select the folder or the document you want to send.

       3.      Choose Send (if the report is stored in cProjects) or Send Status Report (if the report is stored in document management).

       4.      Select the recipients of the e-mail in the list of recipients.

If the required recipients are not on the list, include them by choosing Add.

       5.      Enter a subject and then a text, if required.

Under Attachment, you can see all the documents that were sent with this e-mail.

       6.      Choose Send.

The system sends the document or report by e-mail including all the documents that are in the relevant folder. A confirmation is sent to your e-mail address.

Transferring Documents from the Hard Disk to a Folder (Only for Storage in cProjects)


       1.      Choose New Document.

       2.      Select the file you want to transfer and choose Continue.

       3.      Save the project.

Including Documents from the Hard Disk in the DMS Folder

If you want to include more documents in the report folder when storing reports in document management, you have the following options:

        You can go to DMS from the overview page of the project status reports using the link (Open) and add your documents there.

        You can transfer documents that are linked to the project definition from a collaboration.

For more information, see Transferring Documents.

        You can use the Transfer Documentsfunction to insert cProjects documents from the project definition in the document structure of the status report.

For more information, see Working with Document Info Records in the section entitled “Transferring Documents Between cProjects and SAP DMS”.

Editing Documents in a Report (Only for Storage in cProjects)


       1.      Choose Detail to go to the detail view of the documents.

       2.      Select a document.

The system displays the document data. For more information about other editing options, see cProjects Documents.


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