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cProjects provides an ActiveX control for communication with Microsoft ® Project. The ActiveX is located on some HTML pages and communicates via HTTP(S) with the cProjects server (SAP Web AS) and directly with the Microsoft Project DOM API. This means that in terms of server security, no additional network configuration is required to enable ActiveX, because it uses the same HTTP(S) connections as the cProjects application.

The ActiveX control does not access any resources on the front end, other than via the MS Project application. The ActiveX is digitally signed with the official SAP signature. With the intact official signature, SAP guarantees that the ActiveX, as provided, has not been changed or modified in any way.


ActiveX must be installed once only, the first time you use the integration of Microsoft Project. This occurs automatically in the Internet Explorer. Subsequent calls to the integration then reuse the installed ActiveX. However, you can activate or deactivate the download and execution of ActiveX components in the standard Internet Explorer browser settings (local front-end settings). If you cannot use ActiveX, for example, due to company policy, you cannot use the Microsoft Project integration.


To integrate Microsoft Project with xRPM, you can use the Microsoft Project Client. This uses an ActiveX control, which is installed or upgraded automatically by an interactive process on your system when the project integration component is used for the first time.

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