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Function documentation Persons Responsible for Project Elements


You can either assign a responsible role to a project element or you can assign a responsible resource to it straight away:

You have not selected a role or a resource yet

·        The dropdown boxes contain all the project roles and resources that are assigned to a role in this project. If a resource is assigned more than once, it appears more than once in the list with the role assignment in brackets.

·        When you select a responsible role, all currently assigned and valid resources are entered as persons responsible.

·        If you select a responsible resource straight away, this resource is entered as the person responsible. The role for the resource appears under Responsible Role.

You selected a project role

The Responsible Resource field is not filled automatically. The dropdown box contains all resources that are assigned to the role. You can select a resource.

You selected a resource

The role to which the resource is assigned automatically appears in the Responsible Role field. The dropdown box also contains all other project roles that exist in the project. You can select a different project role.


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