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A phase can be approved once all individual approvals have been granted in an approval process. This can happen in one of two ways:


       1.      Automatic completion

If your system administrator has made the appropriate settings, the phase is automatically approved as soon as all decision makers have granted their individual approvals. It is also possible to complete the phase automatically once the approval is complete. In this case, you do not have to take any further action.

       2.      Manual completion

You grant the approval yourself and complete the phase yourself.

The following describes the process for manual completion.


Once you have granted the approval for a phase, you cannot add any new tasks or checklists to the phase although the phase has not been completed yet. For more information, see SAP Note 982071.

You can approve a phase despite not all individual approvals having been granted if your system administrator made the appropriate settings.


      You opened a project for editing (see Opening a Project or Project Version).

      You selected a phase in the structure tree of the project and are on the Approval tab page.

      All decision makers have granted their individual approvals.

You can check this on the Decision Maker tab page in the Decision column.


If your system administrator has made the appropriate settings, you can approve a phase even if not all individual approvals were granted.



       1.      Choose Grant.

The system sets the status of the phase to Approval Granted.

       2.      Save your data.

If there are no more approval-relevant checklist items and tasks, you can complete the phase.


Once you have completed the phase, you cannot make any more changes to it.

       3.      Open the Detail Data tab page.

       4.      Choose Complete from the Change Status dropdown box.

The phase is given the status Completed.

       5.      Save your entries.


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